The Survivors are the rag-tag resistance to the Watcher's rule. Led by the adept Atem, they perform guerilla actions against the enemy, such as hijacking prison transports to bolster their numbers and sabotaging enemy movements and supply routes.

Survivors come from all walks of life, whether they arrived in the void by shipwreck, plane crash or was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. It is possible that a great number of them hailed from the USS Cyclops. In the field, they are recognised by their gas mask covered faces and scavanged body suits.

All the equipment that the Survivors use are scavanged from Watcher equipment or improvised. their most common weapon is the Liberator assult rifle. Some of their more effective weapons were designed by Nikola Tesla, the Ark being one of them. Survivors pilot bi-winged style jet fighters and often steal Watcher vehicles and repaint them to make them more identifiable.