Villagers, also known as Strays by the Survivors, are the people stuck in the Void who live in simple stone villages and do not attempt to resist the oppression of the Watchers.

They are called Strays by the Survivors because they have strayed away from the resistance, opting to live a simple life instead of fighting to get out of the Void.

It appears that many Villages may be under the rule of a Watcher-appointed leader, who attempts to keep the peace while also forcing the Villagers to worship the Watchers as gods. Also apparent is the fact that the Watchers do not care for the Villagers' appointed leaders as much as they don't care for humanity in general, shown in the first Episode of the game when a Watcher Knight crushes the leader of the Village under its tail (whilst the leader is trying to keep the Villagers calm, no less).

It may be that some (if not all) of the Villagers are descendants of others who got stuck in the Void, shown by the fact that a woman in the first Episode of the game is holding a baby that the Watchers attempt to steal.